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Favorite artworks from the archives of Young Space

I’ve loved every second working on the new website for Young Space, and we’re almost ready to launch! Tomorrow (March 1st) the new site goes live, so go bookmark yngspc.com right now if you haven’t already!

This project has been so fun because not only do I get to do what I love (building a funky fresh amazing website and brand identity) BUT I also get to spend a good chunk of the day sorting through archives of past interviews, exhibitions, and posts about emerging artists from all over the world. Pretty perfect. Here is the roundup of my absolute favorite artworks (in no particular order) from the archives of Young Space. Enjoy!


1. Dan Fig

I’m getting vibes of Laura Owens meets Matisse when I look at this fantastic painting by Dan Fig. Seriously killer, and one of the newest artists featured on the site. Also, he’s got a pretty fun website himself! danfig.net Insta: @dan.fig

young space contemporary art creative website design brave new creative


2. Brian Rochefort

Brian Rochefort’s sculptural work is raw and textural, laying bare the experimental process by which its made. He breaks and cracks pieces, using various materials to get this (un)earthly effect. I love it! Insta: @energyloop


3. Justine Hill & Ali Silverstein

Justine Hill and Ali Silverstein recently had a show ‘Movers and Shapers’ at Victori + Mo in New York. I’ve seen Justine’s distinctive work around Instagram and when I came to pictures of this show I was instantly stopped in my scrolling! I love how these pieces come off the wall and play around with how a paint stroke behaves. Stellar. justinehill.com and alisilverstein.com

young space contemporary art brave new creative blog


4. Marit Van Heumen

I cannot get Marit Van Heumen’s installations out of my mind! Familiar but fantastical and dreamy all at once. I also love how she talks about the coming together of design, art and the body. This fuzzy area between design + art is very interesting to me, and perfectly exemplified in Heumen’s work. She’s got a simple and perfectly pink cargo site: maritvanheumen.com Insta: @maritvanheumen

young space contemporary art creative website design brave new creative blog


5. Anna Kolosova

Anna’s work is so unfiltered and I instantly vibed with it. Both performative and painterly, peachy and punk, it oozes #girlpower. She knows this from our Insta convos — I seriously adore her work! annakolosova.com Insta: @annakolosovaartist

young space contemporary art website design brave new creative


6. Jamey Hart

This piece in particular was a huge inspiration to me while brainstorming the new Young Space identity. But to be fair, I love ALL of Hart’s painterly objects. They remind me a little of Franz West, but even more quirky and unique. So good. jameyhart.com Insta: @jamey.hart

creative website design brave new creative

7. Fiona Curran

Okay wow! Looking at Fiona Curran’s body of work I was instantly impressed. I love the mixture of tapestries/rugs with other natural materials and paint. Plus her color palette is to die for! fionacurran.co.uk Insta: @fiona_curran_

young space contemporary art website design brave new creative


8. Milan Vagač

I love the strong linework in Milan Vagac’s pieces. Plus you know I’m a sucker for works on raw canvas! These works are minimal and powerful, seemingly bending the rules of geometry before my eyes. Side note: loving the neon green color he’s got going on on his portfolio site: milanvagac.com Insta: @milan_vagac

young space contemporary art brave new creative blog


If working on Young Space has taught me anything, it’s that there are so many talented creators out there in the world. These are only a few out of the hundreds that are featured on the blog. Go check it out and discover a new artist!

Needless to say, all this looking at art has got me uber pumped to get back in the studio. If you’re interested in seeing my own artwork, you can find that here. Till next time!

Vickie ✌

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