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Favorite New Site: Hans Ulrich Obrist

The site for Ways of Curating is an very interesting mix of art and design. Traditional hand-drawn cues direct visitors to clickable areas and highlight important menu items and pages. I love this approach to site experience. Taking something so natural like doodling on a scrap piece of paper brings the high level curatorial vibe that surrounds the name ‘Hans Ulrich Obrist’ down to a level everyone can enjoy. Exploration is encouraged here, there’s a feeling that behind every image or piece of text you might uncover a hidden piece of treasure.


Mixing traditional with digital really brings this interactive journey to life. The blue hand-drawn lines continue throughout the site and tie all the themes and images together very nicely. This little preloader is one of my favorites.


Inclusive Design

You can also hear Hans speak about each theme within his work by clicking the play button at the top of each theme. This is a very nice element when we consider inclusive design: designing for all scenarios and users. The visually impaired may prefer to use this audio guide, or anyone who wishes to be walked through the site with a more in depth explanation. It’s nice touches like this that show the considerable thought and strategic planning that went into the site’s development.

Mobile view of the timeline


Clear and Concise

One of the most impressive things I notice while exploring the site is that although the styles and graphics reflect the messiness and inherently non-linear quality of the creative process, everything is by the same token extremely easy to find, use and understand. From the clarity of the copy, to the thoughtful interactive hover elements, you don’t need to work hard to find what you’re looking for here. I absolutely love this timeline, in which we can hover over specific points to learn more, jump to a certain year, and in between the areas of importance there are relevant quotes and information from Hans. I’m gushing over it, this timeline is just so well-designed.

Definitely check out the site for yourselves 

Let me know in the comments below what you think of the site! Anything you would change? What elements do you love?

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