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Vince Mckelvie at the Panther Modern

One of the coolest discoveries of my week has been stumbling upon the Panther Modern. It’s an online art gallery promoting the work of digital 3D artists. Each artist is given a ‘room’ to showcase in. Who says art can’t live exclusively online?

Description from their site:

“The purpose of Panther is to promote the versatility of file-based installation, via the construction of new architectural spaces for artists. Each project shown at Panther Modern is given a unique structure in the format of a 3D model file, which built to engage the artist and their process of making. These sites remain open for the artist to create additional installations at any time. Completed rooms are added to the existing architecture, allowing the shape of Panther Modern to change with each project.”

Each room is something unique. My favorite so far is Vince Mckelvie’s installation of these shimmering alien rocks in Room 11.

More at Panther Modern’s site

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