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Weekly Inspiration: EOS cosmetics

EOS cosmetics packaging designs

Another week, another inspiring design! This one comes with a little story.

So I was at the pharmacy the other day, shopping for various items… cat food, makeup, coffee… I won’t go through my whole list, but the jist of it is that I was trying to spend at least $25 to get some bonus Air Miles (2,000 air miles is nothing to scoff at!) So here I am in the pharmacy, dead set on making that $25 benchmark. I had $18 so far. Damn. Grab Q-tips, okay that’s $22. Still short, but what was I going to buy?!

And then…

I looked up from my shopping basket and right in front of me, shining from the front of the aisle was a gorgeous pink bottle of shaving cream. Yep, shaving cream. It had gentle divets in the sides to fit the shape of my hand, and a nice matte finish to the outside. I looked at the brand name, and of course, it was EOS. I knew about EOS from their unique lip balm eggs that exploded in popularity a few years back. No-brainer. I bought the bottle.


Any company that can get me to buy a product solely on packaging design deserves a big huge KUDOS! And the shaving cream wasn’t bad either.

All images courtesy COLLINS design (Link )

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