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Space Age Makeup_brave new creative

Weekly Inspiration: Space Age Makeup

Space Age Makeup

Happy Monday everyone!

This week I want to share with you a KILLER visual identity and concept design for Space Age Makeup. This is an inclusive and boundary defying brand that stands apart in an industry that so often encourages conformity. I love the in yo’ face attitude that I’m feelin from this design. I just want to jump up and yell ‘YASS SLAY’!

A Makeup Brand that Thinks Out of the Box

Space Age Makeup_Brave New Creative

Space Age Makeup Brave new Creative

The design is by Burak Ozcan from Studio Somon. “We wanted the brand to speak to any woman on the planet who is strong, confident and comfortable with her face”. He explained to The Dieline: “It suddenly had a great potential to create so many different ideas from space, universe, galaxies and all the cool technologies. We imagined all these different kinds of women from other planets and galaxies who look very different than humans. This way, we had the chance to give the message that no matter how you look or how different you are than others, you are the most beautiful creature in the universe.”

SpaceAge Makeup_Brave new creative

Space Age Makeup Brave new creative

Space Age Makeup_Brave new creative

Space Age Makeup

What a fantastic message and design!

All images courtesy The Dieline and Burak Ozcan.

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